Your Come Home to Swiss Stories

Jacki Kohl

I have been eating Swiss Chalet for 57 years. Back in 1961 my dad and mom took me to Swiss Chalet starting when I was six months old. At that time they drove to Toronto since there were no Swiss Chalet restaurants in Mississauga where we lived. My mom says she used to put me in a high chair and hand me a chicken bone that I could hold in my hand and I would happily “gum” that bone while they would eat their chicken dinner. As I got a bit older I remember our family would sometimes go for Sunday dinner to Swiss Chalet in Toronto. That was considered a special outing. My mom told me that at one time you had to ask for cutlery because that’s why you got the lemon water; so you could clean your hands after you ate, but I don’t know if she was just kidding with me. I still love Swiss Chalet and of course we can find a Swiss Chalet everywhere we go. I also love your addition of crispy chicken. My husband and I are looking forward to it’s return. Thank you for this opportunity to tell my family history with Swiss Chalet.

Robert Bryant

First date with my wife to be, 13 years ago. The rest is history, the first messy chicken sandwich I ever ate. It become my favourite meal from the day on. oh and the marriage is great too!

Linda Paul

I remember in the late 60's and into the 70's when my Dad would take our family out for dinner(a rare treat) to Swiss Chalet on Bloor St. in Toronto. We had to dress in our Sunday Best. My dad even wore his suit! We loved it! The decor, the uniforms the waitresses wore and especially the food. The finger bowl at the end of the meal was such a nice touch. It was always a fond memorable occasion as a family. I still love Swiss Chalet today, if I had to choose, it would be my favourite restaurant, for the food and the memories. Thank you Swiss Chalet.

Sandra Whitehead

My 3 kids are growing up. We enjoy spending time together when we can with all of our busy schedules. This year on family day I wanted to prepare a nice dinner for them and its almost time to eat and I realized that I forgot to turn the oven on. Now what? First thing that came to mind was Swiss Chalet. All the kids said "OK". They all agreed . Perfect family dinner with lots of laughs! Thank you!

Faride Corso

I came to Canada 9 years a go and the first meal we took was at a Swiss Chalet at Hurontario St on September 14 / 2009. It was a great day and the staff were very nice with us as the knew we were new comers. They make us feel at home. Since that day Swiss Chalet become our favorite place to gather and enjoy a great meal together. Also my mother came 3 years a ago and enjoyed an every day lunch for 1 month with my son and my nephew. My nephew loves Swiss Chalet and always remember and ask for his favorite place in Canada.

Wendya Howorth

Swiss Chalet has been there for all our family celebrations - Birthdays, Graduations, Anniversary's. My Mom's favorite place! When she passed we all went to Swiss Chalet in her honour after her funeral. At Christmas she would call very excited the Festival is on we can get the dressing , cranberries and chocolate.We would go all during the Christmas season, then return in |Jan. with our coupons! Keep up the good work - we love Swiss Chalet!

Korry Frew

Many memories. My family would go out once a week when growing up. Swiss Chalet on Tuesdays. If we were good, we'd get extra fries and sauce. This comfort food continued for me in university. Away from home, in London, I'd walk into the local Swiss Chalet and when the team saw me, ordering was a very quick friendly "usual" nod and out would come the food. Knew what I wanted and were ready for me. Home away from home! Brings back the good memories.

Jensenne Roculan

After over 24 hours of arduous labour, I gave birth to my first child on January 24, 2018, a beautiful boy. The delivery nurse told me I could finally eat something, and the first thing I said was Double Leg Chicken Dinner from Swiss Chalet. My in-laws were waiting at the hospital all night to see their new grandson, but the first thing they had to do was go to the Swiss Chalet by Mt. Sinai Hospital and get a Double Leg Chicken Dinner for me before they could do so. That's how much I love Swiss Chalet.

Anitia Kennedy

I was living in Japan, teaching English, when the great East Japan earthquake and tsunami hit in 2011. I stayed to help rebuild our school but the loss was too great and the owner decided to retire. I came home December of that year, with almost 100 kg of luggage (picture attached) and as soon as my parents picked me up from Pearson Airport I begged them to take me to Swiss Chalet!! It was SO good!! One of the foods I missed most during my 9 years in Japan was my "quarter chicken, white, with fries, a whole wheat bun, & diet Pepsi!!!

Lui Cordeiro

Thirteen years ago I accidentally bumped into this pretty girl spilling her drink all over her lap. Feeling terrible I ran and got some paper to help and clean the mess. After apologizing multiple times, I offered to pay for her next drink. So I went back to my table thinking everything was well, when I heard from the table behind me “ No he is not with me”. The waitress had put my meal at this ladies table. So since we were both eating alone , she had asked if I would like to join her. Thirteen years later and 2 beautiful girls. We still have our anniversary dinner at the same Swiss chalet. Sometimes at the same booth if available. Thank you Swiss chalet for changing my life forever. Lui C....

Karly Barrick

Me and my fiancée are getting married in 55 days. We dated before but ended up parting ways Becuase it just wasn’t the right time. We reconnected 3 years and our first meal together was Swiss chalet. My bridal shower was yesterday and one of the questions in the game “how well do you know the bride” ... one of the questions was where was there first date... Swiss chalet!! Here’s a photo from us yesterday.

Peter Walsh

"My fondest memories growing up are going to Swiss Chalet with my family around Christmas time and ordering the Festive Special. At that time it came with the toberlone bar, which was such a treat. As I got older my parents and I would go to Swiss Chalet on Sunday’s after church and the smell of chicken always brings me back. Now that I am older and have kids, they always enjoy going to Swiss Chalet, especially for the kids meals and the ice cream!"

Elsa Sa

Swiss Chalet is our families favorite affordable restaurant to celebrate special occasions or just satisfy a craving. We enjoy delivery on those days our family wants to kick back and relax with our pajamas in the comfort of our home. On birthday's our family gives the gift of a Swiss Chalet Ultimate Dining Card so we are back for more. Way to go Swiss Chalet! Happy to celebrate your 65th birthday with your whole family.

Mark Holman

I still eat at Swiss Chalet even after working for Swiss Chalet from 1979-1984. My son continued the tradition 30 years later working for Swiss Chalet for 3 years. Swiss Chalet is still a favorite in our family after all these years.

Frances McDonald

There really is no ‘story’ – just facts. Swiss Chalet has been with us through every move – every time we have a family crisis and need to ‘grab a meal’ – every time we have an impromptu family get together – or every time we visited our daughter when she was a way at college… Swiss Chalet is our second family gathering place. Swiss Chalet is like our family – she greets us with healthy meals – gives us place to feel safe and most importantly she is always there and ready. From the time we had a fire in our home to the time we had family gather after a funeral – Swiss Chalet is there and ready to fill in the gaps and make us feel okay again. So there really is no ‘story’ just a reality – Swiss Chalet is part of our family memories and part of us.

Jackie Kitchen

It is a longstanding joke in my family that our blood runs chalet sauce. Our family reunions are held at a Swiss Chalet where all can enjoy. We even have our last taste of chicken prior to flying out of the country and meet as a family. So many great memories have come from our family reunions with aunts, uncles and cousins. Please continue to keep things exactly the way they are, and thank you for being part of my family history.

Karly Fazzino

Growing up, I'd visit my dad every second weekend and he'd often take me on the long bus and walking trek that was daunting to a small child to get us to Swiss Chalet. I'd be tired by the time we got there, but pepped up once I knew food was on the way, we'd enjoy the chicken and fries, and dip it all in delicious chalet sauce and then we'd share a slice of pecan pie, always such nice memories. It always seemed cozy in there, like a respite from outside as it often was windy and cold, and then warm and hearty smelling inside. Nothing like the smell of perfectly seasoned chicken cooking to make you feel satisfied as if sitting by a fire!

Alex Portanova

When I usually tell people “Swiss Chalet is the reason why I’m alive” I am often faced with confusing looks. However, after providing some more context, this somehow becomes less odd and more heartwarming. My parents both worked at a Swiss Chalet in St. Catharines ON when they were both teenagers. The day my dad walked in on his first shift, and even before he was able to say hello to my mom, his boss told him that “he would never have a chance”. My dad, being one year younger than my mom, had the confidence of a man twice his age and thus talking to my mom was no obstacle for him. He tried and tried, and persistence on my dad’s end enabled a first date with my mom. Both of my parents are the most hardworking and passionate people I know, and Swiss Chalet, as odd as it may sound, is the reason why they continued to date for two years before eventually getting married. Although my brother came along first, I came 5 years later, and my parents are quickly approaching their 28th wedding anniversary. Swiss Chalet has been the start of my family, and it will always have a special place in my heart. Recently, I graduated from university, and I am starting graduated school this coming fall. Without the support of my family, and a few quarter chicken dinners, I would not be where I am today.

Ma-An Hernandez

Swiss chalet was the first restaurant I went to after coming to Canada from the Philippines, it was the place my dad took me to to celebrate milestones, or just to eat on a regular night. I had my graduation dinner there with my best friend, and eventually a place I still take my children to. Swiss chalet, has always been part of my life, since I was a child. There’s a comfort it comes with, and just brings you “home” all the time.

Stephen Heckbert

When the boys were younger, we stopped at Swiss Chalet on our way home from every hockey tournament. That way, when we got home, we could relax and enjoy each other without having to worry. It gave us time to talk about the games, the fun they had with friends, and just relax together. Those are always good memories.

Megan Simmons

I'm originally from the West Coast but lived in Toronto for a couple years. During that time I made a friend at work who introduced me to Swiss Chalet quarter chicken meals and I really loved them. It became a go-to place for us, and I even was invited along with his entire family once! Now that I'm back on the West Coast, I remember those times fondly when eating at Swiss Chalet in my home town.

Megan Simmons

I'm originally from the West Coast but lived in Toronto for a couple years. During that time I made a friend at work who introduced me to Swiss Chalet quarter chicken meals and I really loved them. It became a go-to place for us, and I even was invited along with his entire family once! Now that I'm back on the West Coast, I remember those times fondly when eating at Swiss Chalet in my home town.

Hedy Pawluk

Winner, winner, chicken dinner when Swiss Chalet saved the day! Meal prep under way, chickens roasting & guests coming thru the door when I discovered the oven not properly heating up. Not in panic mode yet but wanting home-style chicken & sauce I thought next best thing - SWISS CHALET to the rescue. Good company, great evening & delicious chicken enjoyed by all. Its great to #comehometoswiss 65 Years and still going strong!!!

Erica Mason

From the moment we walk into the doors of a Swiss Chalet we feel at home. Whether it is the rush to colour the menu, the knowing smile when my kids ask for extra cherries in their Shirley Temples, the excitement they have in choosing between their favourite meals, the giggles as they order worms in dirt, the patience staff show as another french fry drops or simply my satisfaction knowing they have had a quality dinner and I got a much needed break. Swiss Chalet, our dining room away from home.

Rachel Cartwright

One of my favourite things about visiting my family is the inevitable dinner outing to Swiss Chalet – even after all these years, it’s still the only place we all happily agree on! I have fond memories of lively catch-up conversations – between semesters, on weekends or crammed into lunch breaks during the work day – over delicious rotisserie chicken, savoury Chalet dipping sauce (my brothers and I always managed to swipe our parents’ share!) and, on occasions close to the holidays, decadent Lindt chocolates. I have to say, Swiss Chalet has been the backdrop for a lot of really wholesome, happy moments in my family.

Connie Tinney

I’m 41 and since as far back as I can remember to my early childhood my parents would take us every Friday night from the little country town of Selkirk, Ontario into Hamilton, Ontario for grocery shopping followed by family dinners at Swiss Chalet. Us kids, of course wanted McDonald’s which was right next to Swiss Chalet and nope, we weren’t allowed. It was Swiss Chalet! There was no other place my parents would ever go and even to this day they still hold the same Friday night tradition at Swiss Chalet. It’s been a family tradition that they will never let go of and I guess some things never change. Swiss Chalet to them has always meant quality, service and they feel like valued VIP’s when they arrive which is one of many reasons they keep coming back. Our family was like the show, Party of Five - holidays & birthday family dinners have always and will always be Swiss Chalet. Even when we visit from my little town of Elmira now, we ask my parents where do you want to go? Swiss Chalet. For their Birthdays, Anniversaries, holiday gifts - it’s Swiss chalet gift cards. Lol. My parents are going to be married for 48 years this year on October 9th. My Dad 74 and my Mom, 68. I can only wish that with all their hard work, dedication to their family and loyalty to Swiss Chalet that we can provide them with the biggest gift of all - one year of Swiss Chalet. My parents would be tickled pink! The Hamilton location, specifically Barton and Nash one have known our family for years through the old and new design and to to the staff and if you ask anyone who is Ray & June Gardner are in all likeliness they would be able to tell you! Thank you Swiss Chalet for making your home an extension of ours! We always feel special!

Michele Woodburn

The festive special had been a Christmas tradition for my husband and myself from our first Christmas dating. In 1988 I was expecting my first child. I was due a week before Christmas. Since I had some complications, they determined I needed to be admitted into the hospital three weeks early! All I could think was, I still had some shopping to do, and we hadn’t had our annual Swiss Chalet Festive Special! I asked the doctors if I could go home and pack. It was 10am. They said as long I was admitted by 4pm.... After heading home to pack a bag, my husband and I headed off to Swiss Chalet to ensure we didn’t miss out on our annual Festive Special. It’s been 30 years since that day, and we have NEVER missed a Festive Special dinner. We LOVE Swiss Chalet.

Andrew Gatza

After working 28 hours straight in a rainstorm to keep stormwater out of peoples basement I came home exhausted. When I opened the door I could smell the warm chalet sauce, chicken and fries from the entrance. I came in devoured a half chicken with extra buns and an entire sauce, showered then slept for 10 hours before going back to work ready for another long shift.

Maria Dayao

It has become a family tradition to celebrate my son’s birthday at Swiss challet I am a single mother of 2 kids and we always find time to make the most out of our small family.Although finances are tough since I am the only breadwinner in the family,I still see to it to go to my son’s favourite restaurant-Swiss challet! I hope we can go to Swiss challet for a year and make more memories for our small family!

Jennifer Beckett

My family of four is always so busy, and with one vehicle, this makes me the family taxi driver. My day starts at 5:30am when I get up to walk the dog and get my 'fitness' in. Then I drive my partner to work for 7am. Come home and take both of my kids with me to drop off my oldest at Performing Arts High School. Then I get my youngest onto his school bus. He has special needs so I have to be flexible to take him to appointments and Autism therapy during the day. Then I'm off to pick up my oldest, then my partner, then wait for the bus. On days when there are extra-curriculars it can feel like I never stop. Thankfully, there's Swiss Chalet to the rescue. Whether we pick it up or get it delivered, all of us are happy. My kids are picky eaters but they happily eat everything on their plates when it's Swiss Chalet! Thank you for the chance. Winning this prize would REALLY help us out so much!

Randy Turner

The Swiss Chalet Family Pak is our go to meal when the kids are home, but since my wife and I became empty nesters we enjoy our dinner in the restaurant now, kind of a date night. We love the juicy chicken and the sauce is delicious, nobody makes chicken like Swiss Chalet, it is the best.

Rob Provost

As our children get older and we see them less and less the time we spend together is more important. So the thought of preparing supper when they visit would mean less face to face conversation especially if I am outside Barbecuing! Ordering Swiss Chalet has been the meal of chose several times because everyone can get what they prefer and it is delivered hot and delicious!

Paul Dickens

When I was 17 I had to have two operations on my jaw because of a tumour I had in the right joint. The second one of these operations would leave me with my jaw wired shut for 4 weeks. I had to have a "good-bye" to solid foods meal and, four weeks later, a "welcome back" to solid foods celebration meal. Where did I have these meals? At my go to, pigout location, Swiss Chalet. A half chicken dinner with fries and a full rack of ribs a la carte. As you can tell I love to pigout. And I know where the most satisfying pigout can be found. At the nearest Swiss Chalet. Sorry, no photos of those pigouts.

Amanda Binetti

When I was a little girl it was tough growing up. My mom being a single parent and all. But my Uncle Brian always tried to help her. He always tried to make sure when was ok. My mom and Uncle are best friends. Like they have always remained closed. I feel like he always wanted to make sure his little sister was ok. Even taking in her and her 4 children when he had too. But he always tried to make sure we were ok and we didn't suffer. He is pretty amazing him and his wife. I can't imagine having my own family and then having to sacrifice even more to make sure my sister was ok. But he would make sure we were. They are christians. So every Sunday we would go to church. And my most favourite memories as a little girl was when after church we would go to Swiss Chalet. It was the best treat. We would all cram in there his family and mine. And we would laugh and laugh. There were a lot of good times there and memories. I know my Uncle and Aunt didn't have alot. But they always included us. Sadly my Aunt past away last June 14th. I hadn't been around alot. Life gets busy. But he always understood. This past Christmas I wanted to do something special or like give him some joy. So a whole bunch of us showed up at his house and we all went out to Swiss Chalet. Like old times. He was smiling and I knew it meant alot. He ate so much it was funny cause he told my brother after he ate too much. It felt like old times sitting in the Swiss Chalet on O'Connor in Toronto all those years ago. And for a second it felt like I was a kid again. Like I was home. There's not enought time in my life to repay my Uncle and Aunt for the sacrifices they made all those years ago. And for trying to bring some happiness and joy into ours lives. I said to my tradition! Every Christmas Holiday week we go to Swiss Chalet! He agreed. I live my Uncle very much. And thank him for being there.

Lesley Greenall

If you know my Dad, you would know he is a man of very, very... I mean very, few words. He's an easy going, uncomplicated person who doesn't really get overly excited about all that much in life. He's a take it as it comes kind of guy. Except when it comes to Swiss Chalet!! Whenever we come home for birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, no occasion whatsoever, we ask "what are we going to eat?". There is only one answer for my Dad and he is the first to answer, "Swiss Chalet!". I think the words Swiss Chalet are the two words he has spoken most in his whole life and to be honest, I think Swiss Chalet is really his one true love.... please don't tell my Mom!

Dee Bakalar

Swiss Chalet has been a long time favorite of mine, my oldest son is 27 and when I was pregnant for him I craved Swiss Chalet so bad I ate it sometimes twice a day, I even poured the sauce over everything else that I ate and loved every bite. And ever since then I have enjoyed it on a regular basis. Thank You, Swiss Chalet, Yummy💞

Debbie Charmichael

When I was about 12 years old, my best friend and I started a tradition for years to come. We would always spend our weekly allowance enjoying Swiss Chalet and then going to a movie on Saturday nights - no parents - just the two of us. We would always order the 1/4 chicken dinner with two Shirley Temples. We still look back on those times a building our great friendship.

Caleigh Flagg

Swiss Chalet has always been the cooking we needed without the work. During university when we were stressed and hungry we would always order Swiss Chalet. Swiss chalet was ordered when we were stressed out during exams and just needed good food, happy for crushing a test, sad because someone got dumped and even to celebrate graduation. When I transitioned from that part of my life I found myself still ordering it when my friend was pregnant and on bed rest, when we found out she was having twins and any life moments. My sister moved to a small rural area in Northern Canada and when she would come home Swiss Chalet was alwats a staple of the visit. We would all go as a family to enjoy the food and eachothers company. Now I live alone and when I have had a tough day where cooking is not an option I can pull out my phone and order food straight to my door. It brings back all the amazing memories and brightens my tough day.

Cassey Steeves

My family loves Swiss Chalet! We have eaten here for years! We go through 10 sauces every time... And there are only 3 of us. We love it so much that I still wear the swiss chalet tshirt I found at the goodwill over 20 years ago!

Amanda Irwin

Swiss Chalet will always be one of my favourite places to eat. Not only because the sauce is to die for, but the memories it brings back. Every Sunday as a kid I would go with my dad and every time I saw my grandma. The time spent as family without technology, without distractions when you idolize the people you are at this meal with but in a good way. I miss that time and I wish that more then ever I could bring it back. So that's my favourite memory with Swiss chalet. a great time with people I miss dearly.

Olivia Geraci

"I remember Swiss Chalet being THE PLACE to go for dinner with my family ever since I was younger. With Swiss Chalet being known for their rotissere chicken- my family used to laugh at me always ordering the burger, but it never bothered me because I loved the burger so much! Looking back, Swiss Chalet holds memories so many memories for us; being the first place which made me realize my love for sweet potato fries, to remembering my families excitement the first time we saw & tried the perogies as an appetizer on the menu, and to now, years later, experiencing the updated renovations of the restaurant we STILL enjoy coming to! We recently went for Fathers Day this past weekend and tried out some new additions; my dad enjoyed the ""Canuck"" sandwich, and we all shared the parmesan fries which tasted amazing. Swiss Chalet will always be a restaurant filled of memories for us, and will bring us more memories to create in years to come- thank you!"

Emily Baxter

Swiss Chalet is truly our family's first choice. I was married this year on July 13th to the man of my dreams. We wanted a cozy family style wedding and meal. We had 20 people to our wedding then enjoyed our celebration meal at Swiss Chalet. It couldn't have been more perfect! The service was amazing and the food was delicious as always!! So, when my husband and I have something to celebrate we always choose Swiss chalet!!

Ryan Desormeaux

It all started when I was trying to impress my (at the time ) new girlfriend. As I attempted to cook one of our first meals together, I messed up the entire dinner. I quickly scrambled and ordered some swissy and tossed it in the oven as if I cooked it myself. Little to my knowledge she was a big Swiss chalet fan and knew instantly. We had a good laugh and now head to Swiss chalet every year for our anniversary.

Danielle Chmielewski

Swiss chalet is my 2 year old daughters favourite place to eat out!!! Any time I ask her what she wants for dinner she says “chicken and dippy” we order from there take out all the time! It was her first place we took her for dinner such great service and definitely kid friendly it’s awesome!!!


For as long as I can remember, my family's Friday night tradition has always been to enjoy takeout. Their rotisserie chicken and Chalet dipping sauce have always been our family fav and we love their assortment of tasty sides. I've always been a side salad or fries type of girl but I tried their sweet potato fries for the first time and I am a huge fan. Their food never disappoints and that's why they'll always be our # 1 choice for a delicious meal that our whole family can enjoy #comehometoswiss.

Kathy Spencer

I have very fond memories of going to Swiss Chalet, with my boyfriend’s family. His parents, two brothers and grandparents. Later when we were married, we were able to return the favour and take his grandparents as our guests. It was nice to see the progression of time. Sharing special family time and Swiss Chalet. Later on our daughter worked at Swiss Chalet and it has remained a family favourite.

Amy Atkinson

When my husband and I bought our first home Swiss Chalet was our first meal in our home. And after the birth of our first child, my husband's sister brought us Swiss chalet as our first meal after the birth of our son.

Donna Taylor Yum

Wish you sold skin only. We would order full meal deal for 2 of us so we could have more of the fantastic chicken, fries, salad and the buns are the best ever. We sometimes order 1 x a week we love it so much. The end.

Barbara Ann Sherlock

Our family of 12(and growing) has been going to Swiss Chalet to celebrate our 'family day' for the past 15+ years. On March 19 we all head over to our closest Swiss Chalet to enjoy the delicious rotisserie chicken/ribs/chicken entrees, etc. and of course the Shirley Temples. We have even had the same waitress for many of those years, its like coming home. Our last visit included a daughter-in-law, son-in-law and grandson for a grand total of 15. The kids look forward to March 19 and the next trip to Swiss Chalet.

Wendy Hart

My "ComeHometoSwiss story" is simple. I am hooked. Hooked on the tasty sauce for the ribs. Hooked on the tenderness of the meat, it always just seems to melt in my mouth. Those mini donuts are to die for; if you haven't tried them yet I highly recommend them. So when I put all this together; I have the most delicious meal I could ever hope to eat. Coming home to Swiss? No worries there; I actually never left.

Dana Force

I am am American who moved to Canada with my Canadian husband. I remember having one of my first of many Swiss Chalet experiences. It was a truly Canadian experience ..feeling like I was trying something iconically Canadian. It wasn't experiencing all things Canadian, without eating at Swiss Chalet. This was around 20 years ago. It has of course been a treat through the years. I was even sent Swiss Chalet by a friend after a terrible miscarriage that had landed me in the hospital. When I got back home friends had put a meal train together and one of the places we were blessed with was Swiss was a wonderful treat during a very sad time.

Karen McGirr

Every Saturday evening a older lady who lives alone and myself enjoy Swiss Chalet and watch a movie. It makes her happy and I love to see the smile on her face. Thanks for 65 years. 😎😘

Joanne Warr

I grew up in a family of 6, my parents 3 brothers and myself. We lived in Scarborough,Ontario and it was hard financially for my parents to take us out for dinner as much as they would like. Thankfully Swiss Chalet was always our first choice for birthdays, special events etc. 4 years ago we loss my youngest brother when he was 45, every year on the anniversary of losing him we gather together and every year my parents ask where we would like to eat...we always say Swiss Chalet. Never even a need to ask really. Even better is we always for 40 plus years all order the same thing every time...quarter chicken dinner. No kidding it is our tradition.

Debby Symonds

My husband and I went to Swiss Chalet in Fredericton every week since the store opened in Fredericton. Always shared a double leg dinner. Grew to love our Waitresses Flo and Jackie who have been there I believe over 20 years. They always made us feel special. My husband had my surprise retirement party there in 2006. My husband took ill in 2012 and was unable to walk .We drove over got take out and ate in the car. We also had deliveries when he couldn't get out. In 2013 my sweetheart of 45 years passed away from cancer. We always celebrate special days at Swiss now. These last years three friends and I even have a special booth there. We have adopted a great guy Mitch now along with our favourite girls. They call us the rowdy bunch .Wonderful memories and still great times .We love Swiss Chalet !!!!!

Jennifer Guner

My sister has lived in Colorado for over 20 years. We actually think she misses Swiss Chalet more than us! The very first thing she does when we pick her up at the airport is go to Swiss Chalet and then she will go multiple times with other family members and friends! When she is not here we send her pics every time we go to Swiss Chalet. She gets so envious. I send her the sauce packs in the mail and when the chips came out we shipped her a box full of chips!

Hillary Nunes

When I was young my dad would work late and when he would come home from work he always had Swiss Chalet take out. My sister and I would eat all of his fries. Then he started ordering an extra order of fries and sauce just for us. So every time I have Swiss Chalet, I think of my dad.

Brenda Johnston

My husband Jim and I have been coming home to Swiss Chalet for the past 32 years. I mean we visit Swiss Chalet for dinner every Friday night and we have been doing this for 32 years. Sometimes we bring family, sometimes friends, sometimes co workers and sometimes visitors. Our favourite is your 1/4 chicken dinner and 2nd favourite is your Ribs. When we are coming in alone we call it a Date Night as it is away to wrap up another busy week. We always find Swiss is good value for the cost, food is always well prepared considering portion size and presentation. The staff whom we have gotten to know really well are always friendly and it feels like a 2nd home to us. I estimate we spend 50.00 per visit X 4 per month, X 12 per year X 32 = $ 76,800.00 in Swiss Chalet meals. We are presently visiting Swiss Chalet at Dartmouth Crossing and have been since it opened. We love Swiss Chalet and will continue to patronize Swiss every Friday night.

Lynda Tower

When my Mum was in her 90's, I'd often take her to Swiss Chalet. Mum would order ribs and veggies, but had a small appetite and the ""doggie bag"" she'd take home would last a couple of meals. She lived to share her veggies with my little, white terrier Wuffy. She'd carefully wrap some of her vegetables in a napkin, and he'd be looking for her to give him his portion. Wuffy loved cauliflower! We laughed together and enjoyed this tradition as long as Mum was able to enjoy meals out. She truly had a ""doggie bag.""

Winston Dayal

When I came to Canada in 1971 my family here took me to Swiss Chalet on Yonge St. All the servers were dressed in their traditional wear. It was the first time I had Swiss Chalet chicken. It was so good. I didn't know what the bowl of water at the end of the meal was for. I thought it was tea. I didn't drink it though. lol


When I don't plan or prep dinner, I get @swisschaletca to go and have a picnic at home 💁♀️ L was happy bc he got his fave cheese pizza + yam fries, but he decided on having dessert first. I don’t blame him. It was mini donuts and apple pie 🤤🤤 #comehometoswiss


For my #ComeHomeToSwiss story I'd like to share one of my fondest memories, as a hockeyloving kid, growing up in a small community. #ad As kids, my friends and I lived for hockey. But, because we lived in a small town, we had to travel a lot to play other kids in our age group. My favorite trips for hockey involved going to Edmonton for tournaments! During tournaments, we always played two games a day, sometimes three … oh to have that much energy again. And because we were so far from home, it meant that we would eat at a restaurant. We weren’t going to choose just any restaurant, we wanted a good meal from a restaurant that has been a Canadian staple since 1954, @SwissChaletca! As my friends and I sat around the table eating our dinner and talking about the games, we felt happy and content. I’m sure all the parents were stressed about all the logistics, but we didn’t have a care in the world. As the years have passed and I’ve slowly lost all the medals and trophies from the tournaments, I still remember these special memories at Swiss Chalet, with my friends and family.

Lori Stevenson

Swiss Chalet has been a part of my entire life. As a child it was the only restaurant my hard working middle class father would take us to. It was either moms home cooking or Swiss Chalet. I remember the Chocolate milk that I would stir at the table cuz it was not completely mixed in or the Shirley Temples that were such a special treat for us kids. It remains our go to restaurant whether dine in, take out or delivery. If it was the only restaurant left on the planet that would be fine by us. When we dine somewhere else and I don't enjoy my meal, my first thought always is we should have gone to Swiss Chalet. Never have I been disappointed with a Swiss Chalet meal. Please don't change a thing.

Terry Zavarella

Reminds me of my mom every time I go to Swiss Chalet. We use to go together all the time and enjoy a lunch or dinner. Now I go in her memory for special occasions and have a meal with her.

Chideraa Ngonadi

I moved to Canada from Nigeria a little while ago. Coming to a new country was quite challenge for me with the cultural shock and with being such a picky eater. When we moved into our brand new home, with needing to organize everything and buy things like furniture which make the place feel like home, we didn't have enough time to go to the grocery store to buy ingredients to cook. We googled in the meantime and stumbled upon Swiss Chalet. I remember discovering that they discovered and the joy that brought me, not having to worry about going to look for food outside. I quickly ordered a family meal for all of us (Five kids, 2 parents). I always say you can't go wrong with fries but with chicken, it could hit or miss. Swiss Chalet with little effort, tasted just like home. All I remember from that day was wanting more. It's been well over 8 years now and I still order Swiss Chalet at least once every two weeks.

Andrea McCarthy

Where do I start ? Well I have many positive memories made around the table at any of the Swiss Chalets. No matter what town I am in Swiss Chalet is my choice of restaurant as I know it's always good and it's worth every penny! I often give my husband 3 choices to go for dinner : Swiss Chalet , or Swiss Chalet or Swiss Chalet lol. Everyone who knows me knows that's the best gift you could give me : gift card to Swiss Chalet. 24 years after just delivering my daughter I was very hungry and sent my husband out to get Swiss Chalet, now we have the convenience of delivery!

Maya Fitzpatrick

Any guesses what the boys are laughing about? I'm sure someone said something inappropriate!

I'm smiling because I didn't have to make dinner. I ordered dinner from @swisschaletca. Taking a night off from cooking was a welcomed break because it's been a crazy month (and yes, we are only just a few days into it). Choosing Swiss Chalet for dinner was an easy decision. John and I love their quarter chicken dinners (white meat please) and there are so many great kid meal options too (we got one of each - cheese pizza, cheese burger and chicken fingers). Kyle also loves their chicken wings and John got their pierogi appetizers. There's seriously something for everyone.

We’ve actually been going to Swiss Chalet for John's and my birthday dinners since the boys were born (usually before or after we go bowling). It's also our restaurant of choice when picking up meals for our friends who just had a baby or who are going through a rough patch. It's pretty much the only place I'll eat chicken that isn't made by my mom. I still can't decide what I like more though. The chicken or the sauce? Either way, I love the taste of the combination of the two.

Nedra Devenyi

When our kids were little every second weekend we would head to Swiss Chalet for Sunday dinner! The kids loved going there and the servers loved them! They grew up going to Swiss Chalet and still love it! The kids are in their 30s now and some of the servers still remember and ask about them! We still go regularly and still enjoy it very much!!

Francine Pellerin

My brother in laws' parents used to go eat at Swiss Chalet whenever they had a chance to go. The meals at Swiss Chalet are so good. Today, their child John and John's children are still eating at Swiss Chalet. From generation to generation, Canadian families have been coming home to Swiss Chalet for the wonderful food and for the excellent way that Swiss Chalet welcomes its customers.......

Francine Pellerin

My brother in laws' parents used to go eat at Swiss Chalet whenever they had a chance to go. The meals at Swiss Chalet are so good. Today, their child John and John's children are still eating at Swiss Chalet. From generation to generation, Canadian families have been coming home to Swiss Chalet for the wonderful food and for the excellent way that Swiss Chalet welcomes its customers.......

Heather Bush

When my Dad was alive, every family Birthday & Anniversary was celebrated @ Swiss Chalet. Since his passing my Mum & I still plan our weekly visits around lunch @ Swiss Chalet - favourite server Brandi @ Upper James Hamilton.

Judy Houseman

In 1978 my mom was very sick & couldn’t make it into a Swiss Chalet. She would tell my husband. “I’ll buy if you fly”. Meaning she would pay for the dinners if he would go get them. She passed in 1980 but we still tell her story!

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